Meet Our Leadership

Our Staff

Ethan Smith

Pastor for Congregational Life and Discipleship

Lisa Applegate

Director of Children's Ministry

Sarah Beam

Communications & Ministry Systems Specialist

Emi Holman

Director of Student Ministry

Anna Otto

Coordinator for Connections and Girls Discipleship

Olivia Morganti

Children's Ministry Assistant

Allison Murfee

Office Assistant

Hal Roach


Sierra Starnes

Deanne Trollinger

Director of Women's Ministry

Wilson Whitten

Director of Worship

Melissa Williard

Director of Administration


The elders (collectively known as the Session) are a “band of brothers” elected by the congregation who vow to bring glory to God by serving the church family through regular prayer, encouragement in God’s revealed Word, and shepherd-like service to Hope Church’s members and friends.

Andrew Applegate

Ruling Elder

Dudley Bell

Ruling Elder

Frank Chen

Ruling Elder

Delane Clark

Clerk of the Session

Ned Erickson

Ruling Elder

John Gathara

Ruling Elder

John Lenham

Ruling Elder

Larry McGee

Elder Emeritus

Tom Nicholson

Elder Emeritus

John Petty

Ruling Elder

Ethan Smith

Teaching Elder

Jeff Trollinger

Ruling Elder

Blair Whitworth

Ruling Elder


The deacons (collectively known as the Diaconate) are a “band of brothers” elected by the congregation who vow to bring glory to God through deeds of mercy, generosity and practical service to Hope Church’s members & friends.

Charles Ashton


Dick Erali


Mark Evans


Nick Hansell


Ernie Hobbs


Michael Mitchell


Tim Musser


John Reed


John Spainhour

Head Deacon

Ben ZumMallen



The deacons are eager to assist members of Hope Church in areas of need that require knowledge a member doesn’t have or is unable to do physically. This includes tasks such as changing light bulbs, small repair jobs, dusting ceiling fans, removal of large tree limbs, etc. You may not have the need yourself but may know of a fellow member that has need but would hesitate to ask.


This fund serves members’ needs that the mercy fund committee decide warrant church financial assistance. Generally, this involves immediate temporary needs such as housing, food, utilities expenses, and/or medical care. Additional financial needs are also considered for assistance.

Women's Care Team

The Women’s Care Team is a group of women here at Hope who are ready to walk alongside and provide support as you go through a difficult season. In partnership with the Deacons, we can talk with you and help you in a variety of ways. Whether it be organizing meals or childcare, sending encouraging texts and emails, praying with you, or many things in between, we are here for you.

You can contact us by email at You can also reach out to care team members directly. The members of the Women’s Care team are Tori Petty, Sami Bills, Melissa Faulkner, Jessica Shore, Emily Short, Lilla Capellari, Sage Stringfellow, Denise Coulter and Deanne Trollinger. Confidentiality will be respected and maintained.