Subscribing to Our Google Calendars

We would love for you to integrate our event calendar with your own if you use Google Calendar. We have two options for you: Our Hope Church Event Calendar has our irregular events such as First Wednesday Fellowship Dinners, Pavilion Services, Cocoa & Carols, etc. It won't have our weekly events like Bible Studies and Cohorts, but rather those that are less regular. Our second calendar is Hope Church Youth Calendar and will have only youth events so that families with youth can keep up to date on those happenings.


You should simply be able to click the button below, then use the +Google Calendar button in the bottom right of the calendar. If you have difficulty with this, click this PDF for an alternative way to subscribe.

Adding on Your Phone

On your phone, you may need to checkmark it. Expand the list of calendars on the side (three bars graphic on an Android). Then checkmark this calendar so that the events become visible.