Looking Up – Meet Our Candidates

David Speakman   -  

Dear Hope Church Family,

I am eager for us to gather on June 9th after the 9am worship (in the Pavilion) to vote upon the nominated, examined, and approved candidates for the office of Elder at Hope Church. Taylor McDaniel, Jim Page, and David Wolfe are the three candidates you, as a congregation, recommended and the Session trained and approved. The Scriptures are replete with the blessing and grace of godly leadership and compassionate shepherds, and we are blessed to have these three men aspire to the office of Elder. If these men are not known to you by name or face, we are including biographical info so that you can cast an informed vote on June 9th. Please, do reach out to me or these candidates directly if you have any questions.

Even with the hopeful advent of these new elders, we are in need of more officers at Hope to meet the rising needs and opportunities for shepherding. We are still receiving nominations for both Elders and Deacons and a new cycle of training will begin this summer. I urge you to consider who you might nominate to fill those much needed roles. We’ve received a few nominees for each offices, but need more to meet the needs of our growing congregation, especially for the role of Deacon.

Lastly, please pray for this entire process and for the candidates and their families – asking for God’s wisdom, trusting in God’s provision, and anticipating God’s continued gracious blessing.

Grace and peace,

Taylor McDaniel

Jim Page

Dave Wolfe